Watering really got as easy as a pie!

Mobile Kangloo-Hand-Watering-Can

Simple plant watering with one push.

Big water tank (50 litres).

Long and bendable hose.

For less accessible areas.

With large wheels for faster and easier mobility.

For gardens and balconies.

Why Kangloo-Watering-Can?

  • Because it is simply ideal for watering plants in greenhouses, gardens, on balconies or terraces and on higher windowsills.
  • Because the Kangloo watering-can with the integrated pressure pump is very convenient - when releasing the pressure optimum watering is insured.
  • Because it is stable and mobile - on large wheels with low gravity centre.
  • Because the housing of Kangloo watering-can is also a water tank with 50 litres capacity.
  • Because it is easy to use it and easy to fill it - but at the same time it has an elegant and modern shape.
  • Because it is available in more colours and thus more attractive.

Simple and convenient watering

Open the small lid on the water container and fill the container with pure water (50 litres). Close the lid. You can now begin with watering. Hold the holder of the Kangloo watering-can during watering with your left or right hand. Inside the housing of the Kangloo-water can a manual water pressure pump is integrated. While pulling out the pump lever, the cylinder of the water pump gets filled with water. If you push the pump handle back down, you relieve the water into the hose. You can regulate the amount on the with the pump lever. The more you pull the lever, the greater is the amount of water.

No more hard watering.